Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Name Game

Classic name or initial shirts are a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Can't find a shirt to match that cute pair of pants? Create one that is personalized and one of a kind!!! The shirts also make a perfect gift for any kid. I recommend them for any big event where it is helpful to be able to put their name with their sweet little face.

*Name Shirts are $18--$24 (pricing based on design choice)

*onesies or baby gowns are $20-$22 (or $2 less then pricing below) *Shirts with just a letter (no name) are $18 -To view colors and styles of shirts currently in stock click on the order/info link at top of my website.

*Also to see more custom orders just click on the "More Custom Creations" link at the top of my website. You can view your fabric and font choices simply by clicking the fabric link at the top of the website.

Monogram Cross Shirt $20:

Raggy Name Shirts $18-22 (depending on length of name and if you want to add a simple design):

Baby Gown with vertical name $22:

Double Varsity Applique with name $22:

Caroline Monogram Shirt $22:

Onesie with Applique initial and flower baby cap $30

Split Initial with Name Shirt $22:

Name Onesie and Hat Set $28:

Initial with Spider Man Applique $22:
Minnie Mouse Ears with Monogram $22:

Name with Crown Shirt $18:

Initial with name shirt $22:

Initial with name cross shirt $22:
Superman Initial Shirt with Name $22:

Baseball Initial Shirt $22

Name Onesie $20:

Initial with Shabby Flower accent $22:

Disney Initial Shirt $22:

Cowboy Initial Shirt $22:

Princess Initial with name under $24:
 Taylor Circle Patch with name $22:
 Classic Letter with name under $22:

Name onesie and Hat set $28:

Baseball Name Shirts $20 for a onesie or $22 for T-shirt:

Classic Letter Applique with name across $20 on a onesie:

 Double Varsity Letter with Bow $22:

Pirate Initial $22:

Classic Letter with Name $22 (just $20 on a onesie)

Applique Letter with Dragon Accent and Name $24:
Landon Applique Letter with Bow $16:
Curls Applique Letter with name through it in Curls $22:

name through it in retro font $22:

Landon Applique Letter with Name Below $22:

Varsity Applique Letter $22:Circle Applique Monogram $22:(can be done in any fabric to coordinate with cute shorts, pants, or skirts)

Landon Applique Letter with name through in retro font $22:

Landon Applique Letter with Name accross in retro font $22:
Race Track Letter Shirt $22:

Taylor Circle Patch with name under $22: (Great fro group pictures!)

_ is for NAME Shirts $24 (Can be customized just for your kiddo):Classic Applique Letter with name through in Rockwell Font $22:Curls Applique Letter with name under in Curls font $20:
Classic Applique Letter with name in Amelie font $20:
Classic Letter with Name in Boys R Gross Font: $22: 
Landon Font Applique Letter with name below $22:

Entire Name in cute applique font $22 (max. 6 letter name):

Silly Monkey Name Shirt $24 Letter with Name Under it $22: Classic Letter with Name Under It $22: 
 Classic Letter Onesies with name through it (baby cap and onesie set is $28)Classic Letter done in blue seersucker fabric with name underneath $22:

:Curls Applique Letter with name through it $22:
Single letter (no name) $15$15To view all your fabric options simply click on the fabric post link http://collectionsbytaranicole.blogspot.com/2008/05/ribbon-options.html or the fabric link at top of my website. Just email me at tararowell2004@gmail.com and let me know what type of Name shirt you'd like and (number, name, theme, etc.) and also let me know shirts size and color at that time.Check the order status at the top of the website to see when your custom order will be headed your way!

*Shipping cost for a single item is $2.95