Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mickey and Minnie Shirts

Who doesn't love a trip to Disney? Its the most magical place on Earth. A place where anything goes as far as character and mouse shirts. Deck yourself and the kiddos out for what s sure to be a fun vacation full of picture taking and memories! Check out all the fun Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs below:

Shirts are $16-$22 and Onesies are $2 less per design 

Minnie in Vinyl $18:

Minnie Mouse Swirl $18:

Mickey or Minnie Name Shirts $18 for classic shirt or $20 for raglan shirt:

Leia and Hans Mickey Shirts $22 each:

Mickey and Minnie Hands $18 for mickey and $20 for Minnie:

Mickey Safari Shirt $22:

Minnie Mouse Safari Shirt $22:
 Disney Snack Goals $22:
 Hulk Mickey $22:
Minnie Safari $22:
 Will Run for Sweets $22:
 Will Run for Wine $22:

Minnie in Shades $22:
Mickey in Shades $22:
Epcot Goals $20:

 Mickey R2D2 $20 (add a name for $2 more):
 Vinyl Darth Vader with Mouse Ears $20 (add a name for $2 more):

Minnie is My BFF $22:
 Minnie Vinyl Pirate $20, Mickey Vinyl Pirate$20

 Minnie Silhouette $16 add a name for $2 more:
 Belle with mouse ears $22:

First Trip to Disney done in vinyl $22:
 Mater Mickey $20 (add a name for $2 more):
 UGA Mickey in vinyl $22:
 R2-D2 Mickey in vinyl $22:

Grumpy I don't do matching shirts $22:

Tale as Old as Time:

Belle Rose Mickey $22:
 Animal Kingdom Mickey Elephant $18:(add a name at no extra charge)

Mickey Love $16:
 Minnie Love $18:
 Minnie Love on Raglan with Monogram $22:

Talk Disney to me $20:
 Best Day Ever $18:
 Mama and Mini Mouse $18:
 Monogram Minnie Vinyl $20:

Let's Do this Vinyl Shirts $18 each:

Name Shirts (up to 5 letters) with mouse ears or head $22:
Disney Anniversary Shirts $24 (Back and Front):
Magic Kingdom Minnie $22:
 Mickey Starbucks $20:

Minnie Initial $22:
Minnie Swirl Monogram $18:

Minnie Indian Pocket T $22:

Fall Mouse Pumpkin Carriage Pocket T $22:

Minnie Monogram Pumpkin (small on pocket side) $18:
Minnie Headband with monogram $20 or $22 with wording:

Mama Mouse $20, Mini Mouse $18:

Wonder woman Minnie $22:

PPA Shield Shirt $22:

Mickey Fireman $22:

Minnie with applique monogram $22:
 Minnie Feet $20:
 Mickey Heart Hands $18:
 Anna Mickey $22:
 Vader Mickey $22:
Tangled Mickey $22:
 Take Me to the Mouse $20:

My First Trip Mickey Shirt $22:

Ursula Mickey $20:
 Super Man Minnie $22:
 Elsa Minnie $22:
 Mickey Anchor Head $22:
 Ariel Mickey Shirt $22:

Big Minnie Bow $16:

Princess Carriage Pocket T $22:

Daughter is My Disney Princess $22:

Mickey Ladies Man $22:

Full Body Mickey $22:
 Full Face Mickey or Minnie $20:

 Mickey Clothes Head $18 for onesie and $20 for T-shirt:

Mouse Fan Girl $22:
 Mouse Fan Boy $22:
 Most any character can have mickey ears and balloon:
Mickey Graduation $22:

Mickey on Elbows $22:
 Cruise Ship Shirts $22:
 Minnie Anchor Shirt $20:
Minnie Anchor in Vinyl:

Mickey Pirate Ship $22:

 Minnie Tea cup $22:
 Princess Minnie with Monogram or Name $20 (or design smaller on chest side $18):

Classic Minnie with monogram or initial $20:

Mickey with Initial $16:
Initial with Mouse Head $20:

 Mickey Silhouette with Name $20:

Minnie MOM $22:
Year Mickey or Minnie $22:
 Minnie Bow with name small on pocket side of shirt $16:

Name with Mickey (up to 6 letter name):

Minnie with applique monogram $22:
 Initial with mouse ears $18:

 Square Mickey or Minnie Patch Shirts $18 with initial or $20 with monogram:

 Mickey Bandana Pirate $22:

Mickey Eye Patch Pirate $22:
 Simple design on boys polo $16:

Mickey Pirate with swords $20:

Minnie Pirate $22:
Mickey with initial smaller on pocket side of shirt $18 each:
 Minnie  Pocket T's $20 for youth and $22 for adult:

 First Disney Trip Minnie $20:

First Disney Trip Mickey Truck $22:

 Mickey Truck $22:
 Mickey with any fabric and name $18

 Minnie with 3-D bow $18:

Captain Mickey Head $20:
 Cruise Mickey:
Mickey Anchor with Monogram $18:

Cruise Wheel Minnie Pocket T $22:

Mickey Mouse Wheel $22:

Full Face Cruise Minnie or Mickey $22:

 Captain Full Body Minnie $22:
 Hula Minnie $22:
 Epcot Mickey $22:
 Peace Mickey or Minnie $18:
 Sibling Mouse Shirts $20:
Minnie Vader $22:
BB8 Minnie $22:

R2-D2 Minnie $22:

 Woody Mickey $22:
 Jake Mickey $22:
 Buzz Mickey $22:
Minecraft Mickey $20:

Spiderman Mickey $22:
 Spider Man Mickey #2 $20:
Ninja Turtle Mickey:

 Mickey Tie with name $20
Mickey Super Hero Cape $28

To Place your MICKEY/MINNIE shirt orders just email me at tararowell2004@gmail.com and let me know what you'd like. Please be as specific as possible when placing your order. Orders will take 5-7 days in production and then will be mailed your way!