Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Baby Gift Sets

Want to make a cute custom baby gift set? Here are some ideas and pricing below to make it easy. Any set can be customized and just check the "Fabric/Font" tab at the top to view all the fabric options in stock and different fonts available.

Bib, Burp Cloth, Onesie, baby boxers, and cap $60

 Bib, Burp Cloth, Onesie, Boxers, and Paci Clip $60
 Bib, Burp Cloth, Cap, Paci Clip, Onesie, and bloomer set $65

Baby Cap, Paci Clip, Burp Cloth, and Onesie $45:

Bib, Baby Gown, and Cap $40:

Baby Cap and Baby Gown $28:

Burp cloth, Onesie, cap, and sibling shirt $50
 Onesie, Cap, and bloomer set $35
Bib, Burp Cloth, and Bloomers $35

 Bib and Onesie $30

 Burp Cloth, Bib, Changing Pad, and Paci Clip $50
 Bib and Onesie Sets for Twins $30 each:
 Bloomers for Twins with applique Monogram $15 each
 Big Sibling Shirt and Little Sibling Onesie $40
 Bib, Burp Cloth, Onesie, and Bloomer $52

 Bib, Burp Cloth, Onesie, and Cap $48:
 Name Applique Gown and Bloomers $34
 Bib and Burp Cloth $25
 Bib and Burp Cloth with Applique $30:
Onesie and Cap Set with just name embroidered $22

To Place your order for a custom baby gift set just email me at tararowell2004@gmail.com and let me know which pieces you'd like, what fabric, and what font (Fabric/Font tab at top of website). Orders typically take 5-7 days in production and then will be mailed to your door!