Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Preppy Tots

Preppy Tots is one of my favorite parts of the Tara Nicole collections. Inspired by my own little boy I have decided to start addressing babies' needs in a creative and stylish way! These items make great baby gifts! To place an order email me at tararowell2004@gmail.com (just let me know you you fabric choce and what color you'd like the name or monogram embroidered in)
*If the items are for gifts I'd be happy to mail them directly to the recipient with a note enclosed that it is from you and also send you a picture via email of the personalized creation you ordered.

Fabric Choices: check fabric/font tab at the top of my website
Pacifier Clips $7 with embroidery $10
Bibs with embroidery $15
Burp Cloths with embroidery $15
Changing Pads with embroidery $20
Diaper Pouch with embroidery $15
***Embroidery can be a single letter, name, or monogram

Pacifier Holders
These cute pacifier holders are stylish and great way to keep up with your child's constantly-dropped pacifier and toys. Pacifier Holders can also be made out of any of my fabric options! Paci Holders are $7 and you can add a embroidered name for $3 more! These clips can fashionably hold your tot's pacifier or small toys.

Bibs and Burp Cloths:
Stylish and Practical, these bibs and burp cloths help keep your tot clean and spiffy! (see all pattern options below) $15 (includes embroidery!)

All items can be embroidered with a name, monogram, or single letter ( just specify in your email if you'd like it to be block style, playful, funky, or pretty looking and I'll pick the color that goes best with the fabric you choose unless you specify other wise).

Changing Pads:

Changing Pad rolls up to go anywhere in your daily travels with your little one. (see pattern options below) $20 (includes embroidery!)

Diaper Pouch : For on-the-go baby essentials!
The diaper pouch is stylish yet extremely practical in that it can hold 2-3 diapers, wipes, and a burp cloth. Throw the filled pouch in your own hand- bag and rush out the door without forgetting your baby's basic needs. Keep an extra one in the car for unforseen emergencies. Diaper Pouch can be made in any of the patterns pictured below. Diaper Pouches are $15 (includes embroidery!)

First Birthday Bibs:

These bibs are a great way to have something cute and practical on your kiddo while they dig into that first Birthday cake and have a million pictures snapped of the cuteness. It will also make a great keepsake. I can make the Birthday bibs to match any applique birthday shirt as well!

Bibs with applique are $20

Christening Bibs:

I can also make solid white bibs with a white monogram for a adorable and personal Christening gift idea! Bibs $10, monogram or name is just $5 more.