Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sippy and Snack Cups

NEW! Sippy and Snack Cups make and excellent personalized gift for the toddlers in your life. They are great because they have the kids name on them so they can never be lost in a nursery setting or even at a play date. Oh, and they're super cute too! The cup inserts are made out a special embroiderable paper which is super durable (even if it gets wet) and give the cups a crisp, finished look.

Sippy and Snack cups come in blue, pink, green, or white and there are tons of different insert options below. The sippy cups with attached straw are only available in white. All cups hold 8oz. Sippy and Snack Cups are $12 each or get the combo (sippy and snack cup) for $22


Insert Options:
Multi Fun Dots:
 Palm Trees:
 Brown Zebra:
Hot Pink and Green Damask:
 White dots on black:
 Red and Yellow Sunburst:
 Claire Stripe:

 Piasleys on hot pink:
 Ballet Slippers:
 Black and White Zebra:
 Paislley's on Yellow:
Black Damask: (only enough left for a cup):
 Pink diamonds: (only enough left for a cup):
 Green Giraffe: (only enough left for a cup)
 Baseballs On Cream: (only enough left for a cup):
Cow Print: (only enough left for a cup):
 Cowboy Print:

 Baseballs on Blue (only enough left for a cup):
 Paisley's on white:
 Pink dots on Chocolate:
 Blue Damask:

Golf Greens:
Retro Pattern:Firetrucks:Purple Paisley:Brown Giraffe:Multi Color Peace signs:
Green Seahorses on pink:
red lobsters on light blue:Pretty black and white:Hot pink paisleys on green:Strawberries:Pretty Hot pink on melon:Green dots on blue:Brown dinosaurs on light blue:Watermelon stripe:White dots on black:Pretty pink and white:Hot Pink dragonflys:

To place your order for custom sippy/snack cups just email me at tararowell2004@gmail.com and let me know which color cup you'd like, insert option, name, and thread color. I'll pink the font unless you have a specific one in mind.